My light’s been under a basket

My city in a valley

Somehow I know what you’d want of me but still I argue and ask of thee

How about what she can do?

Why won’t you bless me with that too?

Denying me to be like him

Fulfilling someone else’s dream


My salt’s still in its shaker

My spices in the cabinet

Somehow the life you put me in is still bland because of it

I want to make a difference but lately I don’t see the sense

In what I’m good at- she’s good at it too

I want something only I can do

So I search for someone to work as a team

Really mooching on someone else’s dream


Reveal your chosen will for me

Lord what would you really like of me?

What is it I was created to be?

What would you have me do for free?

The future seems so strange and dark

I don’t want to go forward when I succeeded back there- sort of, I was working with nani

Lord grant me confidence in You and me

So my city can find it’s light again

So that I can shine my light again

So that valleys and shakers and other people’s dreams,

Baskets and cabinets and all that’s in between

all that prevents me from being truly Spectacular

May vanish in the light of what you and I are


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