Brand New

I’ve been through the fire and I came out stronger

God knew what He was doing when He kept me longer than I ever thought to stay

Thank God things don’t work out my way when I’m tired of situations that have got me beat

When I’m just about ready to admit defeat

When He holds my hand tighter and won’t let me let go

His Omniscient Awesomeness already knows that though I don’t want to get stronger I’ll need it to survive

He wants me to live, not merely be alive

He knows I can be better and have so much more than this

My excellence and joy reflect how good He is

So thank God for tough times, thank God for tribulation

Thank God for al those times I thought…

Well, let’s just say my thoughts were unworthy of presentation

Thak God for tough lessons learned

And tougher circumstances teaching

And for pushing me toward the goal for which I’m always reaching

Not only for that

But for setting new goals too

For each day making me better as His vision unfolds

A dream so spectacular, transcendent so completely

For xxxx 4.0

For a brand new me


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