It Takes Two to Tango

You said that it’s cold and lonely out there

But the door wasn’t locked and you didn’t care

You tapped one, lightly, I could barely hear

All the while wishing that you were in here


We grew apart true, it takes two to tango

Remember too it takes two to let go

Sometimes I’m weak and I need you to hold on

And sometimes I’m strong when your strength is gone


But sometimes we, that is you and me, can’t be strong for each other

Most times it’s easier to let go than to bother

To hold the hand of one once priceless

Sometimes it’s just that we couldn’t care less


So don’t blame me for your night spent alone

Don’t blame me when you couldn’t pick up your cell phone

And call or tweet or email ot text

Couldn’t facebook or fax or simply just wait


When your fingers, slowly one by one

Were letting go of my wriggling hand

When we were both so desperately trying to be free

You and I didn’t work so don’t blame me



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