No More

The writing’s on the wall like the vision’s in my heart

Too long I’ve been stumbling around looking for your path

Trying to tread the old ways

Walking looking back

No more

No more trying so hard to please you in order to please myself: listening, obeying, just being somebody else

I’m done

It’s hard, it’s difficult and I just realized it makes no sense

I’m unique and different

If being you is denying me

No more

No more

No more

No more of this madness

At least no more of yours

If I’m going to be unstable it will be on my terms, in my time when I’m good and ready

And I intend to enjoy it and be happy

The old paths? For old people, I mark out my own trail

And If I stumble so be it

I stumbled being the best I could be- me

You? No more


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