Of blood and language (bloody language..!)

If  I cut you, your blood will run the same, but when you yell your curses are offensive

Not necessarily in content but in dialect

That’s why we are different


If you get sick, you die same as me, when we’re buried we turn to dust

but your skin is dark and mine is light

your people are tall and mine not quite

That’s why we are different


So fundamentally the same, superficially not

but man doesn’t look at the heart

I’m afraid we can’t be friends, or brothers or kin

because every time I look at your skin

I realize I don’t care what’s within

and that’s why we are different.

writer’s note: This views represented here are not necessarily this writer’s views. This writer may have voiced them, but you have thought them before. This writer merely mirrored what is seen and felt by those of this opinion. This writer is going to stop talking now 🙂


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