What’s mine

My heart is yours

But mine to give away

It cannot be stolen

I choose where it can stay

I give you my heart

but I can take it away

I don’t need your permisssion

you don’t really have a say

My heart is your home

but if I kick you out

remember I’m the landlord

and don’t you ever doubt

that love though unconditional

distance remains optional

and I may choose to love you from near or far

or let go of you and love another

You have my heart

that much is true

and honest to goodness

I love you

but remember love is not forever

and sometimes love cannot weather

the storms that life sends its way

sometimes love just will not stay

So don’t take too much offense

or consider it a sign of weakness

when I give you my heart

then take it back

she didn’t steal it

I chose.


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