You are not going to make me like you!

I refuse!

You, with your perfect skin that glows ebony

My fingers itching to reach out and touch it

If only for a moment



Just because you make me laugh

Because you’re always pushing my boundaries

Seeing how much of me I can be

Breaking down walls

Freeing  me…

Haiya! You’re still insisting?

I’m telling you, I’m not going to fall for you!

Not even though sometimes I miss your calls because I’m too busy staring at your name on caller ID

Not even though your mum is awesome and your dad has decided I’m family


Uh uh

I’ve seen the girls in your life

The blonde undeserving girls in your life

The smart undeserving girls in your life

The large number of girls in your life and it’s not going to happen.

I’m not standing up to be counted amongst them

Nuh uh

Thanks, but this heart, this one you see here all wrapped up and bandaged and traumatized

This heart- I’m protecting it

So scale all the walls you want

Push boundaries




Then go away


One thought on “Denial

  1. Denial much?? Haha I like…and I totally get you. You’ve just described my first crush, complete with the string of girls 🙂

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