Still Small Voice

I hear you

I do

it’s not often that I admit that

half the time I’m denying it

asking for guidance and pretending I can’t hear it

can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for the gold encrusted within its walls




I hear you

still and small

speaking quiet word of wisdom that I’d rather not hear

that would make my life easier if I didn’t

or infinitely harder

which is where I’m at now

I hear you

and I know you’re right!


I hear you

but I wish I didn’t

but I’m glad I do

but I wish I didn’t

I wish you were a bit louder!

I mean,  if you’re always right then why don’t you just yell?

Be more assertive!

If you care than just force me to do what’s best

like bath-time at the end of  a holiday

rough face towels rub a filthy and unwilling body with a loving heart

Why give me the chance to less than you know I can be

and yet, still expect so much from me?


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