In pencil

I’m all woman

but not as woman is defined

my room looks like World War 2

I drink juice straight from the kibuyu

I’m still a lady

I’m still feminine

I totally rock and I’m totally sexy

I see the way you look at me

My eyes dance

My skin glows

and the fact that I’m wearing loose fitting clothes

It doesn’t matter

because I’m all woman


you might call it unrefined

though my taste in music is unquestionable

I can tell when you look through my CD collection

I can keep you entertained

I’m not coquettish, perhaps flirtatious

but only a little

though I don’t giggle

I’ll laugh out loud and make jokes

I’ll order a meal like all the blokes

but I’m still a woman

I’m not “the man”

I may be your “boy”

but only so far

don’t push it- I’m not your toy


-strong and fine

so maybe I am defined

but in my own words

in my own time

in pencil


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