I saw a piece of my soul start up and take flight

I chased it all day and I chased it all night

I ran through the flowers and ran through the fields

I lost it somewhere amongst my day dreams


I searched high and low but my strength was for naught


One day in my search I caught not what I sought

But a piece of a soul someone else had lost

I know of the trouble I’d borne to find mine

So I kept the piece close with the owner in mind


And then I found you my… (Fortunate soul?)

For the first time since I almost felt whole

The missing piece still had it’s place

But little by little you encroached it’s space


The off-color piece was still close to my heart

I was hoping to heal another of their hurt

Until one day I saw a similarity

You had an off color piece just like me


And more than that my surprise sublime

My piece was yours and yours was mine


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