He Is

He is and therefore you are

He thinks and therefore you exist

He loves and therefore you live

He is

She knew that

She bit into the apple

tasted its crisp sweetness

felt its mushy goodness slip down her perfect throat

leaving a trail of universal death and imperfection

felt its sweet nectar drip down her chin

the blood it evoked drip down His body to the ground

instant healing

They knew that

Had spent 40 years in the desert telling the world that

thrived on His bread His body

Drank of His power

their sacrifice His sacrifice Him

His body His life their existence

We know it

We preach it every time we speak His name Ngai!

Every time we pray Oh my God!

Every time We call for help Jesus!

We know it, and yet we don’t quite understand

don’t quite comprehend the magnitude of the power we ignore

the blessing we forfeit

the pure awesomeness of what He truly is

And yet,

He is all

He is the reason

He is our reason

He is our peace

Here’s how it is

Your boyfriend- was

Your talent- might be

Your greatness is just a possibility

Only one truly is


He is

ps. apologies for any trouble reading this. WordPress has decided paragraphs belong to the middle ages. le sigh. Hope you enjoyed it anyway. Will be performing it here tomorrow. See you then!


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