Let it Go

My Love,

He walked out

Slammed the door shut to your face and your life,

Turned to ashes what you’d been growing and tending for years

Left you with nothing but vivid memories and cloudy day dreams

His sin was chief amongst sins: Taking what is mine and treating it with disrespect

He turned his back and slammed the door

And you don’t ever want to forget

Let it go


They laughed at you and taunted you

Made fun of your face, your accent, your clothes, your hair, your existence

Every dream and ambition became a punch line to their conversation and they mocked you

Telling you you weren’t good enough

Even when I loved you, when I love you

Their sin chief of all: Taking what’s mine and treating it with disrespect

Let it go


Her hips may not lie but her mouth is a cesspool of dishonesty, spewing sweet nothings that empty you of your time, your wallet and your dignity

She consumes your every waking moment and is the subject of your dreams

Allowing you to pour yourself into her yet offering nothing of herself in return

She is betrothed to another

Her sin: chief of all: taking what’s mine and treating it with disrespect

Let it go


You have been here before often enough for this to be normal

You’re lonely and sad so you drown it with alcohol, some guy/girl as well to try and fill in a me-shaped hole

If that doesn’t work then money to buy it all

Still something’s missing and you don’t know what

My love, your sin, chief of all: You are mine and you treat yourself with disrespect


Let it go


Let it go and I will take control

Fill in all the empty spaces that you hold on to so tight

Empty people that can barely get it right

Let it go so I can hold your hand

So peace and understanding can flow from my heart to yours

So you won’t have to be alone, afraid or abandoned anymore

You are mine and I will never treat you with disrespect

Let it go




3 thoughts on “Let it Go

  1. But by golly Wes Wes, this left me reeling, the wording so……….well poetic.#standingovationwoman# you are too good. After this i just may let it go.

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