Of feline impromptu history and quick(ish) recoveries

On 25th December 167 BC Antiochus Epiphanes sacrificed a pig to a statue of Zeus in the Jewish temple. The Jews were so mad at him it sparked a revolt that led to the first Jewish independence since 586 BC (Can you tell I’ve been reading Daniel? No? Okay).

Last year I decided someone had desecrated my temple. So I left and sulked about it, just like a Jew wouldn’t. But I’m back now (this is Hannukah!- I promise it’s funny if you speak Hebrew).

My cat’s new favourite place to snooze is inside my top drawer. Where I keep my writing things. Imagine our mutual surprise when I found out. I pulled open the drawer and it hissed at me!  My cat likes to hiss, bite and run away, so I called her Christian. I found her stumbling along the road blind and half dead. She had an Upper respiratory infection, fleas and God knows what else. I picked her up and brought her home, much to the dismay of everyone I have told this story (with the exception of the three vets I’ve met since then, and my neighbour, Tigu, who would adopt a mouse if it had the right attitude). You would think Christian would be grateful and love me forever. Ha! I spent most of that first evening trying to coax her out from under the car where she lay hissing and spitting for all she was worth.

I felt like Jesus.

Eventually I gave up.

It rained all that night and by morning she’d changed her tune but she was super sick. I was so mad at this silly animal.I think God must have laughed to see me. His sense of humour (and irony) is healthy and intact. As is His mercy. Despite my fears, the cat lives! The most amazing thing is to think about how God could be bothered to give life to this little tiny insignificant terror of an animal. She’s so animated.  And fat. And fun.

She wakes me up every morning at 6.30 am by patting my chest gently. If I don’t pay attention she slaps me. God laughs.

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