This Writer

I am a wordsmith. Except smith is too harsh a word. I’m more of a wordster. I like to play with words. I always have, I have favorite words, like awesome. Other words I just like the sound of like stoic or peristalsis. Other words I just don’t like, like can’t or no. No is a pretty bad word in my world. Though sometimes it can be a fun word to use. Like, “no, I won’t sleep with you because your weird and I’m keeping myself to such a time as God decides I’m ready.”  Or “no, I won’t tell you whether my…” never mind. I digress.

So I like to use words and lately ( maybe not so lately) to share them on stage. There are very few things that are more awesome than hearing a room go silent as everyone pretty much holds their breath waiting to hear what you have to say; not wanting to miss a single syllable. It’s kind of awesome when someone walks up to you and says, ” I love your performance. I actually listened.”

Words and I, we’ve come from far. But our relationship is a bit complicated. We’re more than friends that’s for sure. We’re sort of in that stage where we’re trying to move on to the next level (whatever that is). It’s sort of a love-hate-fear thing we have going, Yes. Sometimes I’m very scared of putting down my words. Sometimes of even thinking them. Who knows what I could breathe into existence just by saying or writing the wrong thing. Wars have been fought over misconceptions, and God knows I’ve made grounds enough to be misconceived in my life as is.

Anyway, I like words and now I’d like to share some of mine with you. Being a Christian, I like for them to revolve around Him (yes, I can almost see you cringe inwardly and no, I’m not one of those- promise not to try and convert you too blatantly 🙂 ). I have a friend who says that every time we meet, he’d like me to learn at least one thing. Well, I’m hoping that every time I write and I hope that it will be often, you will learn at least one thing (three four or five things would be nice, but I’ll settle for one).

Here’s to an epic ride. Enjoy 🙂



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7 thoughts on “This Writer

  1. Fell in love with the wordster already.
    And, if this were the preface to a book, I’d buy or . .or steal:)! Fortunately it’s not (yet). So I’ll read as often as she writes and learn at least one thing. Yes, to an epic ride!

  2. are you more of a performer or a writer,
    maybe you won’t be the best to say that,
    maybe if you had a section on your blog where you can let us see you perform,
    maybe this time you won’t use “No” and
    maybe we could just be friends 🙂

  3. You write with such honesty,naked presence of authority
    Brazen show of solidarity with your thoughts and personality
    Share with the world your awesomness and keep some all to yourself
    For while your words forever bless be the gift that gives no less

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