Of feline impromptu history and quick(ish) recoveries

On 25th December 167 BC Antiochus Epiphanes sacrificed a pig to a statue of Zeus in the Jewish temple. The Jews were so mad at him it sparked a revolt that led to the first Jewish independence since 586 BC (Can you tell I’ve been reading Daniel? No? Okay). Last year I decided someone had […]

What She Heard

She would hear voices sometimes. Not always. Just often. They only came out when the lights were out. As if they knew that she would be looking for them, and they were not ready to be found. She never actually saw anything. Sometimes she thought she did, but she didn’t really see anything. She would […]

out there

She said she wouldn’t unless he did. So he grabbed the glass and downed the stuff. Three seconds flat from floor to gut. It burned so bad he screamed out loud and ran for the sink. They were ten years old. As she stuck her head into the freezer, scraping ice chips off the bottom […]

Up the Road

The girl walked past the tall building full of busy people. She trudged her way past the bus stop full of impatient people and crossed the road, barely dodging the angry drivers. The world seemed full of emotion and excitement. Vivid. Alive. Yet, none of it seemed to touch her. She walked nonchalantly past her […]