Of feline impromptu history and quick(ish) recoveries

On 25th December 167 BC Antiochus Epiphanes sacrificed a pig to a statue of Zeus in the Jewish temple. The Jews were so mad at him it sparked a revolt that led to the first Jewish independence since 586 BC (Can you tell I’ve been reading Daniel? No? Okay). Last year I decided someone had […]

Let it Go

My Love, He walked out Slammed the door shut to your face and your life, Turned to ashes what you’d been growing and tending for years Left you with nothing but vivid memories and cloudy day dreams His sin was chief amongst sins: Taking what is mine and treating it with disrespect He turned his […]


today I caught a glimpse of why I first loved, why I first cared I caught a glimpse of someone’s life without you and I got scared a life devoid of pleasure and of trust for a moment today I remember why I first dared   today I put my reputation on the line and […]