Sometimes love is chicken pie and poetry

He was following me. I knew why he was following me but that didn’t make me feel any better. “Madam nipe chupa yako.” “No, it’s not mine. I can’t.” “Basi ninunulie chakula” I said no and walked away. Then I stopped. Did I really just walk away from someone who needed to eat? Right after […]

Let it Go

My Love, He walked out Slammed the door shut to your face and your life, Turned to ashes what you’d been growing and tending for years Left you with nothing but vivid memories and cloudy day dreams His sin was chief amongst sins: Taking what is mine and treating it with disrespect He turned his […]


You are not going to make me like you! I refuse! You, with your perfect skin that glows ebony My fingers itching to reach out and touch it If only for a moment Lightly You! Just because you make me laugh Because you’re always pushing my boundaries Seeing how much of me I can be […]